Our story begins in 1986.. A.B.MOLI started as a small business that is based on the love for innovation.

Moshe Assael, the founder of the company, studied, acquired experience and specialized in manufacturing equipment for air conditioning, ventilation and water systems. His entrepreneurial soul, as well as the immediate connection to people, businesses, commerce and innovative developments, brought him to open the business, and led to its prosperity and growth. Today A.B.MOLI is one of the leading companies in the water treatment field in Israel.

We have a 32-year experience in this field, which provides us with expertise that we will be happy to share with you. Our company has specialized over the years in importing and marketing of water treatment products such as: dosing pumps, water quality measurement systems, portable meters for measuring water quality and agitators.

We provide equipment and service to companies from various industrial sectors: water systems, food industry, chemicals companies, mineral factories, wastewater treatment, environmental control companies, agriculture, veterinary, public buildings, hospitals .and laboratories

We offer our clients a full-service package that includes: professional consultation in product selection, product supply, training, spare parts, ongoing support and warranty.

Among our clients you will be able find the biggest companies, both privet and governmental, in the Israeli market. It is most important for us to supply our customers with a complete and professional solutionthat will suit their needs.

We represent a large number of suppliers in order to offer you the most optimal solution available in the market. The companies we represent are from all over the world and specialize, each in its own niche, in the manufacturing of water treatment products.

A.B.MOLI combines innovative thinking alongside technological innovation in selecting the products we gather for you from around the world.

Our Vision
To provide customers superior quality water treatment equipment, alongside with professional service and support. We believe in knowledge, innovative technology and experience, and that is what we offer our customers.
We represent a large number of suppliers from around the world in order to offer our customers an optimal and comprehensive solution. All of our represented companies have high quality water treatment equipment and they are the best in their field.

I would like to express our satisfaction from our cooperation with A.B.MOLI, andespecially the professionalism and quick and efficient service. The equipment A.B.MOLI provides us is reliable & high quality and we enjoy working with them.
Alex Goldshtein – ICL

We are pleased to tell about the experience of many years of purchasing and operating equipment from A.B.MOLI. The equipment is reliable, Service and support are available at all times, personal and warm attention. We hope for many more years of joint work. Yarden Hitin – GES
Our company purchases products and receives services from A.B.MOLI. I would be happy to warmly recommend and emphasize that company is doing its work with precision, reliability and flexibility to our needs all this accompanied by competitive prices and cooperation. Hagai – EPT

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